Please find the Frequently Asked Questions below before proceeding to contact one of our team members using our email address or phone number.


What is NIAS’s return policy about?

We propose a limited-period ‘no quibble’, which applies on our returns policy for our Donated & Soured by NIAS products sold on our online store.

What is NIAS’s online shop?

Our online store offers a widespread range of Second-hand, NIAS products, which you can buy and get delivered to your chosen address.

Why does NIAS run promotions?

We strictly think it is important for us to be completely clear with you and to explain why we at times reduce our prices through sales and discounts. This has a positive effect in our fight against poverty and promotes development in Africa. Also, we want to make sure there’s always something new to discover in our online shop so we sometimes make room by reducing items which have been on the site for a longer period.

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